About Us

Coming a long way from expanding the services from housekeeping service to one stop solution we wish to be pioneers in facility management services provided under one roof which also includes E&M services and training

We are committed to customer satisfaction for supply of time bound products as services conforming to the mutually agreed specifications at all time.

With the information technology boom in India Year 1999 onwards saw a rapid increase of companies setting shop in India this translated to increased facilities, increased manpower and most of all the big responsibility of managing all these facilities.

Clean Fix Services started off in 1999 as a 20 person company in Pune with its first contract in the year 2000, to manage the house keeping services for a large pubic sector company. Clean Fix Services since then did not look back. With the primary objective to ensure quality services to all its customers, Clean Fix Services found heavy referrals across the industry and multiplied its customer base to 10 within a time span of 1 year. Clean Fix Services also had a work force of over 80 by this time.

In 2001 Clean Fix Services went further and set up near shore offices (near customer locations) to ensure faster and better services which led Clean Fix Services to be appreciated across its current customers. Clean Fix Services added in more than 50 new customers in the next 5 years of operations and at the moment is a 550 personnel strong corporation with operations in each of the cities in Maharashtra.

In 2013 Clean Fix Services which operated exclusively in the Maharashtra region was awarded contracts to manage Bangalore and Chennai facilities of some of its existing customers which led to Clean Fix Services to ponder over its expansion plans.

Bangalore facility commenced operations in July 2009 with over four customers currently utilizing its services. Chennai facility is planned to start operations in 2015 January.

Clean Fix Services has also through the last decade expanded its services from its primary housekeeping services to a "One stop service shop” enabling all known facility management services under one roof, including E&M Services and Training.